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The Databank, formerly found on, was in its time the only official Star Wars database available to the public. Entries were sorted alphabetically. Etsy Limited Release Sabers - Mauler (1/1) - Saber Forge. Freezer Sac; Cry Sac; Aqua Sac; Torrent Sac; Flood Sac; Dash Extract; Pale Extract Rathful Blaze Glaive; Unprecedented Rath; Metal Mauler; Metal Mauler+ Coiled Nail+; Coiled Saber; Paracoiled Saber; Bicurviscera; Vilcurviscera. Tweet Download PDF - See full screen Report a web site issue Report a copyright issue Download PDF Tweet.

Saber Tanks are faster than 2-Ms and are perfect for hit-and-run tactics. LAATs are excellent troop transports and are quite heavily armored and armed. What cards are worth carrying around all the time? As I finally organized my upgrade cards I realized there's no way I could even use many of these. I have tons. Apr 11, 2016 Gleaming Iceblade, Shimmering Sabre, Yoke Slasher, Craggy Machete Model Windfang Sabre, Incised Sword, Taladorantula Terrorfang.

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